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NO HAY BANDA S.L. is an audiovisual production company based in Barcelona. The company is currently developing projects with a clear international vocation in the USA and Latin America.

After 9 years at Filmax, where he held various positions of responsibility in different departments, Martin Samper launched his own production company in August 2009.

The company is named in clear tribute to David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive".

In the film, a magician appears on stage at the Silencio club. We see a trumpeter playing, momentarily he lets go of his instrument, holding his arms wide.  But the trumpet seems to carry on playing.

Here lies the magic of film... Cinema is pure illusion.


NO HAY BANDA S.L. covers all of the numerous activities involved in audiovisual production and direction.

One of its specialities is directing and producing Making Of's, documentaries and additional content for film, TV and advertising.

With his unique experience on over 60 feature films in 12-years, his recent work includes spanish box office hits like REC 2 or Spanish Movie.

NO HAY BANDA S.L's activities also include the production and direction of adverts, music videos, promotional and corporate films.


The team at NO HAY BANDA S.L. includes players with over 10 years of industry experience and younger members with an original, innovative vision.

The addition of directors, cameramen, editors, post-production specialists in both sound and image (all trained at the best film schools) as well as graphic and web designers allows us to provide a global approach for all of the projects we work on.


We believe in the importance of understanding the peculiarities of every project and of attending to the needs of each client to promote an exchange of ideas in order to create a tailor-made proposal.

A fresh, personal vision is achieved thanks to constant teamwork: each team member is specialized in one area, or a particular part of the creative process.
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